Broad Technical Service Network …

Sarıkaya Electrical Home Appliances, serves with "Group" brand. There are apprx. 250 authorised service and a lot of sales points in all over Turkey. As a company that always attracted attention with its innovative and domestic production , Sarıkaya manufactures for home appliances customers with its 200 staff in its facility.

Our Difference, Why GROUP

Our company has a certain mission based on 100% customer satisfaction. Our company is far ahead of its competitors. We are selling our products with our own "Group" brand in dozens of countries. As our products are manufactured in our own facility, our customers do not encounter any problem related with spare parts.

Why Choose GROUP

As a domestic capital company, Group provides %100 customer satisfaction not only with its customer oriented approach but also with its high level quality,elegant&ergonomic products. Up to 3 years warranty period is the best indicator of its products' quality and durability. Moreover, with its broad service network in all over the country, Group ceaselessly serves its customers on products, spare parts, technical support and all other related issues.